About Us

We are the Reviving Cookery bloggers:

Chris: Does a lot of vegetarian.  Never met a pudding she didn’t like.


Jenni: Tends to cook with her two carnivores in mind.  Watch as she tries (and often fails) to introduce new vegetarian recipes to the meal rotation!

Karin: Likes be adventurous in cooking and eating. Hers is a household of two, and the big meal of the day tends to be lunch. This makes it a challenge to find dishes that can be ready by noon!

Linda: Is quite pleased to officially be joining the blog, and giving up her post as ‘Guest Contributor’. She’s decided she must be part French. She heard a chef say on a PBS program last week, “All good French chefs put nutmeg in everything.” So there!


Wine goes good with cookery.

Tricia: Loves both following recipes and improvisation, and has a weakness for chocolate and wine.